There are 2 ways to enjoy umbrian and italian recipes:

Organize a meal only for you.
Is it possible to reserve some days before and to be min 6 person. But if you are less try the same, you never know, maybe we are open!!

Participate in an event
If you want to reserve your table at an event already planned, consult the calendar and reserve

Because…. Yes!:

  • In our farmhouse we mostly use the products of our farm, and what we can not produce ourselves is purchased directly from other local farmers, this allows us to have high quality ingredients, 100% Umbrian. cook always fresh and traditional Umbrian and Italian dishes, and avoiding – why not? – unnecessary waste.
  • And also: the menu changes according to the seasonality of the products, otherwise we would be an agritourism?! So no strawberries in December!!

Because…. no!:

  • If you want a la carte menu with a lot of courses, because instead we work proudly with a few dishes and strictly in season.
  • If you are looking for disproportionate quantities of food at the lowest price ever, without interest in the quality and the value of the work of those who produce it and cook it.