The Country House

San Giovanni al Monte is a small and intimate country house placed in a beautiful natural park, situated in the heart of Umbria, atop of the hills of Collazzone, between Perugia and Todi, overlooking the valley.
The agritourism is the result of a passionate love for its native land and home town:Collazzone small village but rich in history ,the town of saints, the birthplace of Jacopone’s Laudi, spectacular landscapes and traditions unchanged over time.

The farmhouse takes its name from the medieval church of the Knights Templar, also known as “Knights of San John”, built on this hill but destroyed over the centuries and more recently used from farmers as raw material to build their homes right here in San Giovanni.

Rooms and Apartments

Our guests will enjoy a fine ambience with great attention to every detail , and the enchanting landscape surrounding the farmholidays

To renovate the farmhouse we chosed only quality materials: handmade terracotta tiles for the floors and roofs

For the renovation of the farmhouse we have adapted and chosen for the floors and roof handmade terracotta tiles and chestnut wood, The doors and windows made in wood  are painted by hand by the restorer. Some doors are personalized with more decorations. The main doors are made of travertine.

Inside we have enriched the floors with small marble decorations, the bathrooms, different from each other, are decorated with some fine ceramics and hand-painted tiles. The house  is spacious , furnished in a simply way to make it a cozy and warm trying in the same time to take care of every detail.

The whole structure consists of 3 rooms with bathroom and 3 spacious apartments with kitchens, its rooms and services. For a maximum total of 15 guests