I hate the man who eats without knowing what he’s eating.

I doubt his taste in more important things.

Charles Lamb, english writer and poet(1775 – 1834)

Finally, after an “extensive renovations” we obtained from our old warehouses, laboratories of transformation of our agricultural products and the new farm shop.

Our work begins in the fields, with the cultivation of cereals, in our olive grove and orchard.
With the same care and attention, not forgetting the tradition, we produce jams , and this year thanks to the flour produced from the wheat cultivated in our fields on the hills of Collazzone , we produce: Homemade bread, the famous “Torta al testo” another tipical bread of Umbria and other products in the Umbrian tradition come la” Easter Cake “the” BocconcelloPizzas “, tarts, Tozzetti and much more using the old recipes of our grandparents


"Torta al Testo"

The “Torta al testo” is a tipical umbrian bread, which owes its name from the stone where the dought is placed to bake over the fire . The Romans used to bake on “testum” a tile brick put on fire.

Typical of the area of Perugia it is a descendant of the unleavened bread (in antiquity was without yeast) is prepared with flour, water, salt, extra virgin olive oil, yeast.

You can eat the “Torta al testo” alone, as a substitute for bread, or cut into wedges, half open and stuffed with ham, roast sausages, Barbazza, cheese or boiled grass.

The “torte” are produces one by one with our flour, processed by hand in accordance with the traditional recipe. The dough is left to rise to room temperature in a natural manner. Cooked one by one on the text are then recooled at room temperature in order to maintain the quality of the product.

After this they are prepared in packs of 2 wedges from 300 grams in bags in a protected environment, or for those who wish, in round format mini version or delivered fresh. Once you can eat you can’t stop!

Our products

"Extra virgin olive oil"

Around our farm holidays  we have an olive grove composed mainly from cultivar Leccino Moraiolo and Frantoiano typical cultivars of Our DOP Umbria area “Colli Martani”

From us the olives are still harvested by hand. Here the olives are still  and still hand-picked and pressed immediately after harvest, just like in the past following the tradition.
We start harvesting the second half of October until 15 November, The reason of this choice is  ​​to get a higher quality oil,  even though at the expense of quantity.

We are also starting the procedures for conversion, to obtain the certification of the entire company,to organic.